CERNOVAR Аlc. 4.9 %

Product No: 32020
Packing: Can 0.500 ml.
Package: 1 Stack (24 pieces)
EAN : 4740158008089
EAN Package: 4740158008089
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Description of transportation
Stack (24 pieces)
Width (cm.):
Height (cm.):
Length (cm.):
Weight (kg.):
Number of packages in pallet:
Issue Ed. pieces per pallet:
Percentage of fill: 0.0 %
Pallet weight (kg.): 0.00


CERNOVAR Аlc. 4.9 % CAN 0.5Л

A traditional Czech premium lager characterized by rich golden colour, perfectly balanced full flavour with a distinct aftertaste of hop bitterness and subtle hop aroma.

24 pcs in a box

1512 pcs in pallet


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